California White Sage and its Use

California White Sahe SmudgeCalifornia White Sage is an herb native to southern regions of California. White sage is commonly known as salvia Apiana. It grows easily in warm climates. The plant grows to a height between 12 to 24 inches. The color of the plant is silver and green and the blossom flowers are purple and white in color. The herb is has use useful for both spiritual and medical purposes, and it plays a very important place in the American culture and tradition. Mostly people use this herb for the incredibly fragrant leaves.

White sage is used for several purposes by Native Americans. White sage is a superb herb and popular for ceremonial and medicinal purpose. Earlier some tribes used white sage smoke for cleaning places and animals. White sage is used to treat a variety of diseases such as headaches, sinus problem and menstrual pains by Cheyenne, Crow, Dakota and some other tribes. The herbal leaves were used for flavoring in cooking and smoke of it is used as a remedy for cold. These leaves are crushed and mixed with water and applied to hair. It acts as a shampoo, dye and straightener for hair. Native American tribes place white sage seeds in their eye lids at night to clean impurities. Native American women drank white sage tea root after giving birth to babies to restore their lost energy. The smoke from the white sage plant is used in sweat houses to get relief from common colds.

The Romans used white sage at the time of bathing to ease cramped muscles and sore and tired feet.

The white sage tea mixed with honey and lemon is delicious warming and is particularly liked on cold and less hot days.

The usage of white sages in the form of tea is believed to decrease mucous, secretions, congestion and discharge. By steeping the leaves for 10-15 minutes in hot water, you can prepare an herbal tea. Drinking Luke warm tea clears throat and lung infections. Whereas drinking cool tea acts as a good stomach tonic. Be warned that all parts of the plant have a strong, scented odor and a rather bitter taste.

Apart from the above mentioned usages it has some health benefits too: California white sage is very helpful in curing indigestion problems, dysentery and bladder infections. It is also believed that White sage may reduce viral infections, fever and is beneficial for throat and lungs infection.

White Sage may be particularly effective for exhaustion, night sweats, low blood pressure and mental weakness.

Native Americans and many other indigenous peoples have treasured white sage as sacred plant. They use white sage in ceremonial practices such as sweat lodges to cleanse and to rid one of negative spirits, sickness, unwanted emotions and for spiritual cleansing.

The experience with white sage has been extensive. People love this plant, specially the California white sage. The aroma of this highly useful plant is very soothing and allows for relaxation. Often people burn white sage in their homes; it also helps to create a sacred and to rid the area of negative energy.

Enjoy this wonderful herb….

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