The Beautiful Fragrance Known as Nag Champa

Nag ChampaNag Champa is a distinct, unique, and beautiful fragrance that originated from the South Asian countries of India and Nepal. It was traditionally used in monasteries for spiritual and meditative purposes. Since the use of the incense was limited to religious practices, most monasteries created their own unique formula that was used secretly among monks. Most people outside monasteries were not able to attain the secret incense like they can today.

Currently, the use of Nag Champa is more widespread and easily available. During the youth movement that was started by the hipster subculture, people from western countries traveled to India and were impressed by the notion of being spiritually enlightened. These young people began to bring over several of the practices from India into countries like America.

In the western world, Nag Champa is not used for spiritual purposes as much as before. Most people just enjoy the scent and believe that it creates a therapeutic atmosphere. It is also available in other forms other than incense sticks.

Nag Champa can be bought as soap, essential oil, perfume and even be burned as a candle. The different forms of the fragrance were created so that people could have various ways to enjoy the benefits. The fragrance is strong enough to mask and even eliminate unpleasant odors within an area of a room or on the body. The scent has the ability to last longer than most conventional body washes or air fresheners.

When it is used as an essential oil, most people believe that it can act as an anti-inflammatory agent when applied to areas of the skin. The oil has been used to effectively reduce acne and eczema. It is considered to be a strong antiseptic, which makes it effective against fungus and insects.

Scientific research has been able to suggest an additional benefit. Burning Nag Champa in the incense state is considered to be very good for the brain. For those that are or have a tendency to become depressed, burning incense stick can help ease anxiety by creating a positive state of mind.

The Champa incense stick is also commonly used in yoga and other spiritual hermitages. It is still used in other Hindu practices like physical exercise and religious penances. Other cultures and religions that acknowledge Hindu practices like Vedanta still use the incense stick to create a more spiritual atmosphere.

The scent of Nag Champa is a mixture of sandalwood and plumeria. The scent of the sandalwood is consider the most important and is often the most potent scent found in Nag Champa. It is believed that the sandalwood medicinal properties can treat impotence and create a deep sense of relaxation that most people can enjoy.

Other ingredients not found in most types of incense include spices, resins, and rare aromatic gums. All these ingredients are combined and aid in the distinct quality of the Nag Champa. However, there is a large selection of different varieties and manufactures of the incense available. Some are created to be more with a sharper or lighter aroma to accommodate the needs of buyers.

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