Aroma Therapeutic Benefits of Incense

aromatherapy incenseAromatherapy is the oldest and the most popular method of healing, equipped to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit with the use of fragrance or aroma. This alternative branch of medicine utilizes physical as well as psychological effects of herbal essence to treat a variety of health conditions. The essential oils are used to promote health and to treat conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, pains, hair fall, sleep disorders, recurrent infections and many other health conditions.
There are a number of ways by which people can avail the benefits of aromatherapy. This includes scented candles, herbal smudge, incense cones and fragrance oils. These aromatic products provide a relaxing and calming effect on mind and create a gentle, uplifting atmosphere in your home. For those who believe in the therapeutic and relaxing capabilities of aromatherapy, herbal incense is a crucial element. Aroma-therapeutic incense is a fragrant incense made from natural aromatic organic products like gums, resins, herbs or oils. Essential oils are the fragrant oils present in plants. They are found in the glands, veins, grass, tree or sacs of the plants. These fragrant oils not just affect ones olfactory senses but also the emotional and spiritual well being.
Aromatic incense sticks are popular due to their simplicity and ease of use. They are a cost effective way to infuse fragrance in the room and enhance the ambiance of your living space. Before you use some aromatic s or herbal smudges, you should be familiar with the different types of fragrances and their benefits.

For over thousand years, sandalwood fragrance has been known as an invaluable resource due to its several health benefits and its pleasing, delicate aroma. Sandalwood incense has woody as well as floral scent. It is a mild aphrodisiac.

Perhaps no flower is more recognizable and no aroma more evocative than that of rose. The rich, elegant scent of rose has been shown to be both stimulating and calming at the same time. The tart and the sweet smell of rose have a soothing effect on mind as well as the body. Rose aromatic oil is also known as “The ultimate woman’s oil”, because it has a reputation of improving hormonal balance, treating premenstrual syndrome and menopause, and increasing sexual desire. The incredible aromatic power and many therapeutic health benefits of the rose aroma make it one of the most popular selling incense.

Lavender incense
Lavender has been known for its aromatic properties. Lavender fragrance, traditionally used as an antiseptic agent, is now predominantly used as a relaxant, sedative and carminative in aromatherapy. Using of aromatic lavender incense may benefit people having stress and anxiety. It lifts the spirits, releases stress and chases melancholy. Due to its antispasmodic and tranquilizing effects, lavender is used as an effective headache remedy.

California white sage) (Salvia Apiana)
By far the most popular botanical used for aromatic smudging, as many people believe in its miraculous power of healing and removing bad spirits and negative energy. Sage has a series of health benefits: it has been long used to treat strep throat and it is widely known for its antibacterial properties.

Tea tree oil
The aroma of tea tree oil incense is warm, spicy, medicinal and volatile. Extracted from the leaves of Tea tree, tea tree oil provides you a wide range of aromatherapy benefits. Burning Tea tree oil scented incense can be used to treat conditions such as muscle and joint pain, infectious illnesses such as cold, coughs and sore throat and body odor.

The delicate aroma of jasmine relieves stress, and helps the body to mobilize the hidden reserves. Jasmine incense creates a romantic atmosphere and helps in enhancing the sensuality. Jasmine is a perfect aromatherapy recipe for calming anger.

Lemongrass incense has a strong, lemony grassy aroma that provides a cleansing effect in the room. Therefore, it is used as a room spray to remove insects. It is also used to remove negative energies from the place and vitalize your body as well as mind. Hence, Lemongrass incense is used in many ceremonies to ward off negativity.
Fragrant aromatics have the ability to help stabilize your emotions, and heal your body. The scents not only provide relief in physical ailments, but also elevates your state of mind, uplift your energy levels and act as stress-buster. Aromatic incense is a great way to promote physical, mental as well as spiritual well-being.

Enjoy your incense time….  Namaste  Roger Marlow

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