Happy Hari’s Classic series, New Yoga Series and the “King Series”

ihA couple of years ago a man by the name of Paul Eagle started a company called Small Happy Eagle. Happy Hari, as Paul called himself, was an aficionado of fine incense from way back. He had traveled widely, and found that the incense he loved the most came from India.

He used his connections and world knowledge to begin gathering a small loosely-knit group of master incense craftsmen in India. They used only the best natural and organic ingredients, blended according to recipes passed down through the generations.

Their methods of making the incense was also traditional, with hand assembly, rolling and packaging being the method of choice. Produced with devotion and love, these pure creations by artisans of an ancient craft are now widely recognized as among the finest incenses available anywhere in the world. And now you experience Happy Hari’s incense in your own home or workspace.

Each package is 10 grams unless otherwise noted, between 1 and 10 sticks depending the thickness and type of incense. But always 10 grams. Enjoy Roger Marlow

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